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Subject: The Other BeanTown Brewpub
Date: 1990-04-27 19:15:00 GMT

Hi All,
Being in Boston for the last few days at a conference I had the
opportunity to resamle the fermentations of the CW Brewery and try the
Cambridge Brewery also. I felt that the CWB stout was underhopped and lacking
of body. I also tried the bitter and fetl that this was well hopped ( which
I prefer) and hadmuch better body than the stout. I would have tried the others
but last call put an abrupt end to our safari. The following night we ventured
to the Cambridge Brewery. We started with their Golden Ale which was good for
the style which was described as a Canadien style ale. We then quaffed the CB
Amber Ale which was a beautiful brown color. It had a pleasant malty flavor
with a discernable chocolate malt flavor. We then tried the porter which was
similar to the amber but with a strng chocolate malt taste. After talking with
brewmaster(Phil, he was quite busy but was more than happy to pull up a chair
and talk beers w/ us) we found out that both the amber and porter had a large
amt. of crystal malt added. Somewhere in the area of a 1:5 ratio of crystal to
two row malt. As a night cap we ahd the special batch which was called
Mach Bock(The synonym 'mock' is intended here also since it was brewed w/ an
ale yeast. This beer was similar to the porter but was more hopped a had noti-
cably more EtOH.
Of the two establishments I preferred the Cambridge for two reasons
A. I thought the brews were much more flavorful
B. Cost; pints were $2.50 as compared to the $3.50 ( a guess.. 8-} )or
so at the Commonwealth. W/ a 60 oz. pitcher going for 8-9 bucks.

Stephan M. Koza

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