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Subject: Re: Fermentation Temperature
Date: 1990-04-30 13:03:50 GMT

Andrius Tamulis <> wrote in HBD #407:

> My current residence does not have any A/C, and is therefore
> subject to the outside temperature, which means that it can reach
> 90 degrees in here, maybe even higher. The question is, can I brew
> beer?

You can *always* brew beer. :-)

Unfortunately, high fermentation temperatures can produce off flavors.
My early brewing days were in Texas where I brewed and stored in the
garage. It routinely exceeded 100F, but the brew was still drinkable.
Now that I am in the Great White North, the temperatures are a little
more under control, and perhaps my tastes are refined a bit, so I
suggest you attempt to cool it, if you can.

I have heard of folks placing the carboy in a large tub of water, with
towels acting as wicks to draw the water up around the carboy. The
evaporation can cool your brew by several (10?) degrees. A fridge would
probably be better if you are planning on any real lagering.

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