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From: pms@Corp.Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling (Sun HQ Consulting Services))
Subject: Coffee Beer
Date: 1990-04-30 18:24:46 GMT

My last batch was 'Mocha Porter'. From memory, the recipe was
- 6.6lb Amber Extract (M&F)
- 1lb Crystal
- 1/2lb Chocolate
- 1/4lb Black Patent (not cracked)
- 1/2lb Colombian Supremo whole coffee beans
- 1/4lb cooking chocolate

I can't remember what hops I used, sorry! It's come out well, very full
bodied with a very distinct coffee taste and aftertaste. Next time I'll
use less. The only problem is that there's no way (that I could think
of) of sanitizing the coffee beans. I tossed them into the primary
fermenter (a plastic bin), then racked into a 5gal glass carboy after 3
days (leaving the beans and a *lot* of sediment behind. Then I bottled
after another 3 weeks with 1/2cup of light dry malt extract. Again, a
*lot* of sediment (at least 2"). After a couple of weeks in the bottles
I tried it, and it was already fizzier than it should have been! Now, another
couple of weeks later, it's a little fizzier still, but not too bad. I plan
to drink it pretty fast!


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