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Subject: coffee beer, cambridge brewing co., and hot weather fermenting
Date: 1990-05-01 16:54:00 GMT

Regarding coffee beer... A small commercial brewer in Bisbee,AZ produces
a brew called Electric Dark that does in fact have some coffee in it.
(It's called electric because the brewer is or was an electrician as well.
I can't say how much he uses, but GO EASY at first. The first batch of it
I tried had just enough that you wondered, is that a hint of coffee maybe?
A later batch clearly had too much. I'm as much of a "shaker and mover" as
anyone, but there is a limit in my beer!

I also visited Cambridge Brewing Co. a couple weeks ago. Good thing it wasn
wasn't there when I was an undergrad at MIT! I second the endorsement of
their brews. I hope I can get back when they do their summer wheat beer.

Here in Tucson,AZ summer brewing gets REAL interesting as you might imagine.
It's just not as good (I don't own a spare fridge), but can be done. I've
used my original plastic fermenter to hold a glass carboy, water, and
sometimes some ice. The spigot helps to lower the water level when adding
that extra ice on day 4. My advice is to stick with recipes which ferment
and clear quickly, and drink them heartily as soon as they're ready. T
Brewing temps in the low 70's are doable. Keep it clean and good luck.
Ken Cornett

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