From the HBD Archive
Subject: Quiet batches
Date: 1990-05-02 01:53:24 GMT

> I racked the quiet stuff into a carboy anyway, on the theory that it
> couldn't hurt. My plan is to give it another day or two to wake up. If
> it doesn't, I'll add about 1/2 cup of sugar, boiled into syrup, just to
> see if there's anything happening. I figure that small amount won't
> affect the taste much. If it still doesn't show bubbles, I'll try
> repitching with fresh yeast, I guess.

I wouldn't worry. Just add the priming sugar to the thing and bottle
it. My first batch ever (an English bitter) fermented for only 20 hours
and then stopped. I just assumed it was OK, bottled it with corn sugar,
and got the carbonation without any problem. The whole thing turned out
pretty good...


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