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From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra)
Subject: OG Deviations
Date: 1990-05-02 15:37:15 GMT

Recently there has been some discussion here about OGs which are
different from the figures given in the recipes. [Well, not *that*
recently -- my HBD feed is a mess these days :-( ]

I think that the major influence on the OG of an extract brew is the
volume of water. Small deviations in the amount of water (either errors
in measuring, or variations in loss from boiling the wort) can have
significant effects on the OG. For example, let's say that you've got a
recipe which will yield 5.5 gallons of wort at an OG of 1.050. If
somehow you end up with only 5.0 gallons of wort, your OG is going to
be 1.055.

Whenever you compare specific gravities, it's important to make sure
that your volume of liquid is as stated in the recipe.

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