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From: pms@Corp.Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling (Sun HQ Consulting Services))
Subject: Question, and Re: Brewing to Share!!!
Date: 1990-05-07 16:32:42 GMT

My question, or rather, problem, is this. I've been brewing (from
extract) for a couple of years. All of my brews have been successful in
that I've never had to toss one.

However, the last 4 or 5 batches have had the same problem. After
bottling, they never stop gaining carbonation! So they're fine after a
week (too soon I think), a little on the fizzy side after a month, and
geysers after 2 months in the bottle. Must be an infection of some

I try to be as sanitized as possible - plenty of (weak) chlorine
solution, etc. This last time, on the suggestion of my local homebrew
store, I didn't take any SG readings from the carboy until I was ready
to bottle. The SG hadn't changed since I'd racked to the carboy! I
suspect that the infection is occuring at or before racking.

Any ideas or suggestion would be welcome. BTW, the beer tastes fine,
it's just too fizzy. I prime with 1/2 cup of malt or corn sugar. I
haven't changed any procedures. Perhaps a piece of equipment is

OK now the second subject, Brewing to Share. First, why do you want to
cater to BudCoorsMiller fans? I can't think of a single reason to brew
a BudCoorsMiller clone! I've always brewed what I want, and actually,
so far the people I've tried it one have liked it. On reflection, I
think my brewing style is (coincidentally) also what I'd try to brew
for strangers to homebrew - middle of the road (oh no, not that!). That
is, not extreme in any direction. Moderately hopped, moderate flavour.
My flavoured beers have been very successful - ginger, orange/clove,
and coffee. I'm going to try a rasberry next.


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