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Subject: idle ferment, brew for masses
Date: 1990-05-07 16:44:30 GMT

On Swift Fermentations:
Last note from me on this one... THX to all for sound advice on
probability that fermentation was, in fact complete. I threw in some
(1/4 c.) sugar syrup, and the wort woke right up, so I'll just bottle
and drink soon. But as for actually measuring O.G. and final S.G. to do
all this scientifically - sounds way too much like worrying for me. I
do have a hydrometer (for my marine fish tank), but after about 10
batches of careful S.G. measurements without any surprises, I
decided the risk of contamination in taking samples outweighed the
information I was generating. I use glass carboys as secondarys, so I
can directly observe activity pretty accurately (use a backlight), and
I've never had a "glass grenade" attack. I realize my approach is
somewhat wrongheaded, but it's damn relaxed, and works for me!

Todd Enders wants to brew beer suited to the taste of those weaned
on Bud and Miller Light. I began brewing because I like beer in
general. I kept brewing because I discovered that I liked my own
beer better than Bud. Let Phillip Morris and Busch meet the needs of
those who prefer swill. Make the beer you like best, and forget what
anyone else likes. If they hate it, it's just more for you. Oh yeah, and
can you post or email the recipe for that IPA? (
With that and a Guinness Stout clone I could finally make a Black &
Tan at home. Of course, most people probably wouldn't like the taste
too much...

Ken Weiss

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