From the HBD Archive
Subject: Red Star rising
Date: 1990-05-07 17:00:25 GMT

Kevin L. McBride writes:

> At the risk of being flamed... Dump the Red Star, but not into your
> wort. I have never had good results with it. It also seems to be
> very inconsistent. This may be part of your problem.

No flames here, I know Red Star is not premium stuff. It does,
however, have the distinction of being, until last month, the only
yeast at the only brewing supply shop in Sacramento that I could
find. In Red Star's defense, I must note that in the three batches I've
made since moving to Sacto, I've had fine results. I brew extract,
plus the occasional grain adjunct, so maybe I'm not providing enough
challenge for those little yeasties. Only in adversity can true quality
be measured...

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