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From: Len Reed <>
Subject: Low extract--Stale Malt?
Date: 1990-05-08 01:15:58 GMT

I tried to make Dos Equis on Saturday. (I figured that Cinco de
Mayo was a good day for it.):

3# 6.75 oz. 6 row malt (1.6 degL)
1# 1.5 oz. 2 row malt (1.2 degL)
4# 5 oz. Munich malt (9.7 degL)
3.75 oz. crystal malt (80 degL)

Moderate carbonate water (125 ppm CO3--)
Halltertau hops

The color came out perfect. The mash went fine, with no pH or
temperature problems, and sparging was the same as always. I got
15% less extract than I expected based on past experience. I'm not
worried, of course, I just want to know what happened.

The reason for the low extract has to be the malt. My 6-row lager
and my Munich malt were over a year old, stored under dubious
conditions (up to 80 degF last summer). My calculations tell me
that my extract had to be off 20% on these grains to get 15% off
overall. I suppose that's possible.

I'd never used Munich malt before. Dave Miller says he gets
1.033/lb/gal. from Munich and 6-row malt. Since I get 31 from 6-
row, I used that figure for Munich, too. My intuition tells me
that I should get slightly less, though, so maybe some of my 15%
comes from an optimistic value for this grain.

Anyway, I still have 20 pounds of the 6-row malt. Does anyone know
of a reason I shouldn't use it up, even though it's probably
deteriorated? I'll just use more of it to compensate.

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