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From: "Andy Wilcox" <>
Subject: Couple O' Recipes
Date: 1990-05-08 15:27:56 GMT

Things are looking good here in Gainesville! Some of
you may recall that in March, my beers won First and Second
in the monthly homebrew competition. (Actually, the day
after that was posted, the nice folks from "The Brewster"
called to let me know there was a scoring mistake. They
actually placed Second and Fifth. Not bad though, out
of 25 beers! ) Stout was the category of the month.

Here's the recipe for the Second Place beer:

"Blackberry Stout"

History -- Inspired by Papazian, I thought a fruity
stout would be great, but cherries didn't sound good
enough. Something at the back of the throat, a tangy
sour finish... Yes! My favorite childhood fruit!

1 can Mount Mellick Famous Irish Stout Extract
3 # M&F Dark Dry Malt Extract
4 # Frozen Blackberries
1 # Dark Crystal Malt
1/2 # Black Patent Malt
1/2 # Roasted Barley
1.5oz Hallertauer
5oz Fuggles
1/2 cup Corn sugar for priming

Specifics: Start all the grains in brewpot with cool water,
remove when boil commences. Add all malt, and Hallertauer
hops. Boil 1 hour. Add Fuggles hops, boil for 5 more
minutes. Remove from heat. Add thawed blackberries and
steep for 15 mins. Cool and dump the whole mess in the
primary. When moved to secondary, leave the blackberries
This stout reaches it's prime in 4-6 weeks, and rapidly
deteriorates from there, aquiring a winey flavor as the
residual blackberry sweetness erodes.
(Amateur) Judges Comment: "Good and black. Good mouth
feel. Unbelievable finish - seems to last forever! Fruit?
I want the recipe. Nice Job."

In April, the contest was English Bitters, and I'm happy
to report a First place, for real, out of 8 entries.

"KGB Bitters"

1 can Alexanders Sun Country Pale Malt Extract (4#)
3.3 # Northwester Amber Malt Extract (the stuff in the bag)
1/2 # Dark Crystal
3oz CFJ-90 Fresh Hops
1/4 tsp Irish moss

Specifics: Start all the grains in brewpot with cool water,
remove when boil commences. Add all malt, and 1.5oz hops.
Boil 1 hour. Scoop out boiling hops, and add 1/2oz more
hops, and irish moss. Boil 5 minutes. Remove from heat
and add 1/2oz more hops. Steep 10 minutes and cool. Add
the wort and final 1/2oz hops to the primary fermenter.
(Amateur) Judges Comment: "Beautiful Color. A bit under
carbonated. Great hop nose and finishes very clean.
Good balance with malt and hops. Lighten up on the
finishing hops a bit and it's perfect. Very Marketable."

I can't resist mentioning that I've used an aluminum pot
for all the beers (-: (-: (-: Water filtered with a
simple activated carbon system (I believe this to be VERY
VERY important. There is a dramatic difference in the
filtered vs. unfiltered water here. Anybody I've ever
run the blind taste test with the water can tell
instantly. I assume it affects the beer in the same way.)
and glass fermenters.

With a second and a first, I'm WAY out in front for
"Hogtown Brewer of the Year"! Wish me luck with the
"Canadian light honey lager" for this months light(er)
beer showdown.

Comments on the recipes? Enjoy!


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