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From: Enders <>
Subject: Sharing Homebrew with the Unwashed Masses: Part 2
Date: 1990-05-08 15:51:01 GMT

First, thanks to all who responded!! Your comments and suggestions were
indeed appreciated :-). Also, there seems to be a bit of confusion on the part
of some as to just what my intentions are/were. The intent is definately NOT
to duplicate/emulate/whatever standard American swill (it's really pointless
to put good ingredients to such dubious use :-).

The real intention is somewhat more evangelical. The ideal result would
be to convert the BudCoorsMiller fans into Raving Ale Fanatics, Bock boosters,
etc. The vast majority of American beer drinkers are ABSOLUTELY clueless as
to the wonderous variety of beer available, and that a good number of these
styles are readily duplicatable at home, for about the same cost as BudMilob.

So what I realy wish to do is to expose them to something different
that won't be rejected as toxic brew :-). I did receive several suggestions
to try tempting them with a Weizenbier. I'll have to brew up a batch to
try (as I haven't got around to trying a Weizen myself yet! :^) fairly soon.

Since I was running low, (three bottles left :^) I brewed another batch
of IPA this weekend. The mash went uneventfully, and the sparge was real
smooth this time also! I guess I learned my lesson about crushing malt too
fine :-)!. Extract was down 2 points (probably due to the coarser crush) from
an OG of 1.043 for batch #1 to 1.041 for batch #2. I pitched with recultured
Wyeast #1028, and had a strong fermentation going in about 8 hrs. (recultured
from a bottle of batch #1, in 500ml of 1.040 wort made from extract)

I'm definately going to have to expand my production facilities. I
still want to wait before going to 5 gal batches until I can swing a stainless
brewpot. What I really need is more fermentation equipment and/or more bottles
(hey, now there's a good use to put your unwashed friends/relatives to: buy
them a couple of cases of cheap american swill in bar bottles, they drink it,
and you get the bottles :-) :-) :-). Anybody know where to get ahold of
some 3-3.5 gal glass carboys??? A couple of 5 gal ones for primaries, and
I'd be able to brew 3 batches at a time, or brew a batch every weekend :-)

Todd Enders arpa:
Computer Center uucp: ...!uunet!plains
Minot State University !ihnp4!umn-cs!plains!enders
Minot, ND 58701 Bitnet: enders@plains.BITNET

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