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From: Jay H <>
Subject: Maerzen, Stainless
Date: 1990-05-08 20:11:35 GMT

If I remember it correctly Maerzen & Oktoberfest used to be the same beer.
The beer was brewed during the winter for festivals in spring (March==
Maerzen). When the weather got warm the stuff was hauled to the ice
caves to be stored for the summer and consumed intermittenly, mostly
this was because people drank the lighter beers during the summer.
When the harvest came and the fall/winter brewing season came round
again it was time to empty the kegs. Hence BIG PARTY!!==Oktoberfest.

This sounds reasonable but so did the concept of Bartles & James
(what they don't really exist??).

As for Stainless steel brewpots, god how cheap can you be??? I got
my 5 gallon stainless pot (brand name Metro) at a Bradlees for
$30-$35. I had to search like hell for the 6 gallon one so I'd have
headroom to do a full 5 gallon boil. I found it in a rest. supply
place in Toronto's chinatown for $60. I expect you could do similar
in most any chinatown, seems these types of stores are real popular
in those sections. In any case the last thing you need to do is shell
out $150++ for the normal restaurant grade stainless. There are
affordable home grade stainless pots readily available for all but
the most remote of homebrewers!! If you really want to use stainless
JUST BREW IT!! (The previous slogan is a registered trademark
of Jay S. Hersh and the Boston Wort Processors
any use of this slogan without written consent of
the author will cost you a homebrew, come to think
of it it will cost you a homebrew even with written
consent, hell just send me a homebrew anyway!)

- Jay H
NIKE who the hell are they??

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