From the HBD Archive
From: Andrew (Drew) Lynch <atl@stardent.COM>
Subject: Wyeast package bursts
Date: 1990-05-09 17:07:23 GMT

In HBD #414 Len Reed writes:

> I meant to use Wyeast Bavarian yeast for my "Dos Equis," but I had
> a stupid accident with it. (I left the swollen package so long it
> burst.) ...

I use Wyeast products and if I recall correctly, you are supposed
to let them sit (after activating them) for one day per month past the
date stamped on the package. This usually means that I activate the
package about Thursday to brew on Saturday or Sunday. I usually find
that by sometime on Friday the package *looks* like it is going to

My questions are; How long did it take for this package to burst,
and How closely should I follow the timing instructions on the

Thanks Much,

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