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From: Donald P Perley <steinmetz!perley@uunet.UU.NET>
Date: 1989-01-30 15:02:26 GMT

hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm writes:

> I came to the realization that I
>had gone a bit overboard with the real dark grains. The wort had
>completely fermented out and resulted in an extremely dry beer.
>I would like to add a bit of Dextrin (non-fermentable sugar) to my
>priming mix at bottling time in an attempt to sweeten the beer, add
>a bit more 'body' and balance out the roasted flavor.

If you assume Dextrin will affect gravity in the same way as malt or corn
sugar (but not ferment, of course), then 1 pound would add about .007
to .008 to your SG when added to a 5 gallon batch. A moderately heavy
bodied beer might be in the 1.015 range (this might be more than you want).

If by "overboard with the real dark grains" you mean that the beer is
too tannic, you could use gelatin finings, as that will take some tannin
out along with the haze.

I have never added dextrin powder, just making a reasoned guess. If it
is way off the mark, hopefully it will prod someone into posting a

-don perley.

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