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Subject: Chip HitchcockUs stuck fermentation, Stupid grain mash question
Date: 1990-05-10 16:16:18 GMT

Just a guess, but despite your sanitary procedures, IUd bet on an
infection as the cause of your overcarbonation. It sounds like the
brew didnUt get a good layer of CO2 for protection until late in the
game, and it also sounds like the wort got kind of a lot of handling
after it had cooled to room temp, both high-risk factors.

I moved to a house with a basement last November, and IUve been
getting good fermentations at 50!-60! cellar temp. I doubt the temp
fluctuations you described would kill off enough yeast cells to shut
down fermentation.

As for paint stirrers and aquarium bubblers, I seem to get enough
O2 by just splashing the hot wort as I pour into the primary. I brew
extract (though IUm getting my courage up for a foray into grain
mashing). I usually boil a total of about 3 gallons of volume, and put
1 gallon cold water in the bottom of the primary. I strain through
cheesecloth into the primary, and add cold water to bring total
volume up to 5 gallons. Pouring into some standing water seems to
give enough aeration, and 2 gallons of cold water brings the overall
wort temp down to a pitchable level almost immediately.

This leads to my stupid mash question: Can I mash an all-grain
batch with only 3 gallons of water, and then mix with cold water
for 5 gallons total volume? Or is it really necessary to boil the full
volume of wort in an all grain mash?

Ken Weiss

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