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Subject: Yeast, haze
Date: 1990-05-10 19:13:00 GMT

A couple of quick questions:

I've managed to get my hands on a couple of bottles of Tom Hardy Ale (!), and
I am planning to culture the yeast from the bottles. I'm going to use the
method in TCJOH by Papazian, but I'm thinking about using a larger (maybe
champagne) bottle, instead of the 12 oz. bottles he recommends. I've never
done this before, so I'd appreciate any helpful hints from those of you that
have (personal mail please, as I'm going to drink them Friday night).

As an aside, what should I expect for
from the T.Hardy? I've heard it's tremendous.....

On a different subject, I have a brew that never cleared (a "Pilsner" ale made
with M&F extract, M&F yeast, crystal, and corn sugar...nothing unusual). The
only difference between it and my other brews (all clear) was that I primed
this whole batch with a (boiled) sugar solution, as opposed to putting dry
sugar in each bottle. Of course, it could be an infection of some sort, (it
takes just fine), but I was wondering if the liquid sugar could have something
to do with the haze (that should be it "tastes" just fine...). Anyway I'm
not worried about it, and it's prompted me to improve my (brewing) cleanliness
just in case....


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