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From: Enders <>
Subject: Pale Ale, Round #2
Date: 1990-05-11 14:39:40 GMT

My latest batch of pale ale is proceeding nicely, I racked to the
secondary last night after a vigorous 5 day ferment @ 70-75 deg. F. I dry
hopped with 1/2 oz. 7.6% alpha Perle (for a 2 gal. batch). This batch tastes
cleaner comming out of the primary (probably due to a better job of racking
the trub before pitching). It seems to be a bit better balanced than the first
batch. We'll know after it sits in the bottle for a while :-)

For the curious, here's the lowdown on batch #2:

Batch #2: Pale Ale (Lower hop rate, prob. not enuf for IPA)

2.4 # Pale Ale malt (for 2 US gal.)
0.4 # 80L Crystal malt
0.5 oz. 7.6% alpha Perle Hops (flavor)
0.5 oz. 7.6% alpha Perle Hops (finish, dry hopped)
Wyeast #1028 London Ale yeast (recult. from bat. #1, 500ml starter)


Mash water: 5 qts. @ 140F
Mash in: @132F, pH adjusted to 5.4
Mash: 152-150F for 2 hrs.
Mash out: 5 mins @ 168F

Sparge: 2.5 gal. @ 160F

Boil: 90 mins
Hops: 1 addition, 45 mins from end of boil (changed from 60)

O.G.: 1.041
F.G. ???? (probably around 1.010)

Note that I don't have a final gravity figure, since it's not done.
The first batch had a final gravity of 1.008, but the mash temp. was lower
(150-146F) and the O.G. was slightly higher (1.043). I'll have the exact
figure in about a week or two.

Todd Enders arpa:
Computer Center uucp: ...!uunet!plains!enders
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