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From: Martin A. Lodahl <hplabs!pbmoss!mal>
Subject: On Mild Responses
Date: 1990-05-12 22:45:56 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #416, Bob Techentin observed:

"After reading my reply to Todd Enders <> posting
"about which-brews-can-budmillobe-drinkers-handle-and-not-choke, I
"realized that I had been a little harsh. I decided to wait a bit, just
"to see what kind of response would appear.
"To be frank, I was surprised that I didn't get seriously flamed for
"being so self rightous. Is everybody so hostile towards the uneducated
"that they can't even post a "Hey Bob! Lighten Up!"?

Hokay, glad to oblige: "Hey, Bob! Lighten up!"

But seriously, this seems to me to be a very tolerant, reasonable
group. I've been reading it since before the issues were numbered,
and in all that time I can only recall a couple of real, genuine,
rip-'em-unmercifully, Usenet-style brannigans. Sure, questions like
aluminum vs. steel brewpots, or glass vs. plastic carboys (though
interestingly, never the perennial grain vs. extract wars) always
provoke discussion, but without Usenet's shrillness. Most
refreshing. Just like Bud ... 8-) Go ahead, express your opinion.

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