From the HBD Archive
From: Len Reed <>
Subject: Re: Wyeast Package Bursts
Date: 1990-05-11 23:35:48 GMT

>In HBD #414 Len Reed (that's me) writes:

>> I meant to use Wyeast Bavarian yeast for my "Dos Equis," but I had
>> a stupid accident with it. (I left the swollen package so long it
>> burst.) ...

To which Andrew (Drew) Lynch <atl@stardent.COM> replies
> I use Wyeast products and if I recall correctly, you are supposed
>to let them sit (after activating them) for one day per month past the
>date stamped on the package.

> My questions are; How long did it take for this package to burst,
>and How closely should I follow the timing instructions on the

I've used Wyeast a lot, and I've found their timing guidelines to be
nonsense. The packages take 1-3 days to swell completely, and I have never
noticed *any* influence that the date has on this. (They claim 1 day plus
1 day per month past the date on thepackage.)

In this case the package was partially swollen by morning, fully swollen
by evening. I had planned on making it into a starter the next morning
and was too tired to do it that evening. I should have either made the
starter or put the package in the fridge.

My beer is doing fine though, so I'm happy. As long as I don't lose the
fruit of my mashing labor nothing is terrible. BTW, it took 3+ days for
the substitute yeast, New Ulm, to show any evidence of fermentation. I
pitched it directly from the swollen package into 5 gallons of wort. In
the past I've made a starter. In the future I'll made a starter.

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