From the HBD Archive
From: Len Reed <>
Subject: Making Light Lager
Date: 1990-05-11 23:55:27 GMT writes in #416:

> I'd like to ask if anyone has had any luck brewing "lite" style beers.

Well, I for one can't imagine why a homebrewer would want to duplicate
the mild hop-flavored water that sells as Bud Light or Miller Lite. If
you mean light lager like Heineken or Carlsberg, yes I've managed that.
But it was the hardest stuff I've ever made. Even the tinest flaw shows
up. I'm not convinced that such stuff can be made short of an all out
assault: good malt (all grain, no extract), great hops, first-rate liquid
yeast culture, and refrigeration. Hearty ales are much more forgiving
and afford much more room for compromise.

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