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From: Len Reed <>
Subject: Re: Lager Questions
Date: 1990-05-11 23:48:52 GMT

In #416 David Lim <limd@boulder.Colorado.EDU> writes:
>Various books out there (Papazian, Miller, ...) mention that if the secondary
>fermentation is very long, it might be necessary to add additional yeast
>when priming to get the carbonation-fermentation kick-started.

I think this is nonsense. I've left lager for 3 months at below 36 degrees F
and bottled with no extra yeast and got good results. I did this
with Wyeast St. Louis and Bavarian. The claims that the you'll need
more yeast have an intuitive appeal, to be sure, but they don't jive with
my experience.

The St. Louis batch was a Dutch-style light lager (malt, rice, Hallertau
and Tettnag hops). I used no finings, but perciptated the haze by
cold storage. The finished beer was crystal clear even at 40 degress F.
Even with this perfectly bright beer, though, I needed no extra yeast.
I have fined other batches, though, so the lack of finings wasn't the
reason I didn't need more yeast.

Bottom line: add your sugar (or wort) and bottle it.

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