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From: (John Greene)
Subject: Hazy keg beer
Date: 1990-05-15 15:18:04 GMT

In response to Florian's request on keg beer being hazier than usual. I have
found that the beer remains hazy for a longer period of type but will eventually
clear up. Back when I was bottling, I would see the hazy clear in 3-4 weeks.
With kegs it takes at least 6 weeks to completely clear, sometimes even longer.
My last batch of IPA was hazy for over 7 weeks after I put it in the fridge
but during the 8th week it turned crystal clear. I had enough extra at
kegging time to fill two grolsch bottles. The bottles cleared in three weeks.
I usually tap a keg at 4 weeks due to impatience and used to be disappointed
with the haze but over the next few weeks it slowly becomes clear. By the time
I finish the keg, it's perfect!

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