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Date: 1990-05-15 17:01:22 GMT

In HBD #317 Chuck Coronella writes:

>So my question is this: Do you substitute dry extract for corn sugar, one
>for one on a volume basis, or what? Maybe we screwed something else up?

According to Colonel John, use twice as much dry extract as you would corn
sugar. I've done this with reasonable results although slightly more than 2:1
might be better.

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and Russ Gelinas writes:

> ...
>On a different subject, I have a brew that never cleared (a "Pilsner" ale made
>with M&F extract, M&F yeast, crystal, and corn sugar...nothing unusual). The
>only difference between it and my other brews (all clear) was that I primed
>this whole batch with a (boiled) sugar solution, as opposed to putting dry
>sugar in each bottle. Of course, it could be an infection of some sort, (it
>takes just fine), but I was wondering if the liquid sugar could have something
>to do with the haze (that should be it "tastes" just fine...). Anyway I'm
>not worried about it, and it's prompted me to improve my (brewing) cleanliness
>just in case....

I like to boil almost everything that goes into my beer (I obviously haven't
tried dry hopping), this includes the sugar (again obviously, not yeast). Some
of my beers are hazy and some aren't so it seems that the method of adding
sugar doesn't affect haze. BTW, I have no desire to enter competitions so I
don't care if my beer is hazy - I only care about the taste.

Louis Clark
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