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From: (Greg Wageman)
Subject: Re: Help on best Brewpubs and retail outlets around San Jose
Date: 1990-05-15 20:04:23 GMT

>Since I want to sample and bring back good beer
>could anyone comment on any of the following brewpubs? Which is best, and
>where to find local bottled beer (we're going to specially pad a suitcase
>just for beer).

As to finding bottled beer from the local breweries, the Safeway
supermarkets in this area carry a pretty good assortment. You should
be able to find products from Dead Cat brewery, Red Tail Ale (brewed,
appropriately, in Hopland Ca. by the Mendocino Brewing Co., and a
personal favorite), Lighthouse beers and ales (brewed in Santa Cruz),
for starters.

Liquor Barn *used* to be a good source, but since filing for bankruptcy,
their assortment has gone yuppie and their prices skyward.

Be glad to comment on the brewpubs I've visited. Opinions are mine, and
you're sure to get others...

>BP - Brewpub; P - Pub/restaurant; R - retail; ? - other
>San Jose:
> BP - Winchester Brewing

Stay away. Bad food, tasteless beer. Don't waste your time.

>Santa Cruz
> BP - Front Street Pub

Recommended. Good food, good beer. Great way to end a day at the beach!

>NW from San Jose
>Mountain View
> BP - Tied House

Recommended. Good food. Beer varies; the Amber's pretty good.

>Palo Alto
> BP - Gordon Biersch

Highly recommended. Actually, this is really a Pub/restaurant. The
food is unusual, of gormet quality, and is fantastic and so is the
beer. Best I've been to in the area.

>N from San Jose
> BP - Brewpub on the Green

"The only brewpub in California on a golfcourse."

Decent beer, and a small pub-style food menu (fish-and-chips, burgers,
cheese steak, etc.). Though limited, the food is excellent. Their
standard beers are good; a few of their special-occasion brews have
"achieved greatness".

Good luck, and enjoy!

Greg Wageman (
Cemax, Inc.
Santa Clara CA

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