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Subject: Overcarbonation
Date: 1990-05-15 21:24:00 GMT

In response to Keith Winter's complaint that his bottles were over-

I've had this problem twice, although I've been brewing for a relatively
short period of time [just bottled the tenth batch the other day.] My
solution, while not very pretty, is effective.

One bottle at a time, I gently lift the cap off the bottle, until I hear
the characteristic hiss [PHSSSIISSSS?]. Then, as the the foam rises up the
neck of the bottle, I quickly recap the bottle. The trick is to get the
cap sealed at the right moment. If the overcarbonation is very excessive,
you'd want to let more pressure out than otherwise, but before the foam
spews out of the bottle. Depending on what kind of capper you have, this
may be tricky. My capper is a wrench-like tool that has to be guided
carefully onto the cap, and so requires a gentle touch. But I can still
get 45 bottles depressurized in about 20 - 30 minutes.

There is no real danger of infection, since the pressure inside the bottle
is so much greater than ambient pressure, and besides, the beer should
already be virtually finished fermenting. [Don't worry, ... ;-)]

Happy Fermentations,
Chuck Coronella

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