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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts)
Subject: Extract for conditioning
Date: 1990-05-15 20:54:50 GMT

> I have a question regarding the use of malt extract for conditioning (
> instead of the standard corn sugar.) I've seen in Zymurgy that many of the
> award winning recipes seem to be conditioned with either wort or extract
> itself, so my brewing partner and I decided to give it a shot in our last
> batch, which was an Indian Pale Ale, so we used 3/4 cup dry amber extract
> for conditioning. The beer itself tastes fine [no metalic flavor at all,
> despite the use of an Aluminium pot ;-)], but it's totally flat. Now I
> know that British ales are traditionally somewhat less carbonated than
> many other beers, but I was hoping for some carbonation!
> So my question is this: Do you substitute dry extract for corn sugar, one
> for one on a volume basis, or what? Maybe we screwed something else up?

I've used between 1/2 and 3/4 cup of either dry malt extract or syrup
(light, unhopped) for the last 5 years, now., and I've always gotten
the desired level of carbonation [low to medium, as suites the beer

If yours was flat, I'd suspect that something killed the yeast --
temperature, or perhaps residual sterilant in your bottles.

- --Doug
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