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From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra)
Subject: Re: Extract for conditioning
Date: 1990-05-16 15:54:27 GMT

[Dare I show my face around here after my aluminum-Tums misstatement?
I'll tell ya, my memory just hasn't been the same since I got that
aluminum pot ... :-) ]

Anyway ... in HBD #417, CORONELLRJDS@CHEMICAL.UTAH.EDU (Chuck Coronella)
asked about substituting dry malt extract for corn sugar when priming.
I've been doing that for my last five batches, and it works fine. BUT,
I recommend against just substituting volume-for-volume. I tried that
and my beer came out undercarbonated. A weight-for-weight substitution
seems to work much better. I.e., weigh 3/4 cup of corn sugar, then use
that weight of malt extract. (I keg my beer and aim for the weight
equivalent of 1/3 cup, which according to my notes is around 1.75 oz.)

- John Polstra jdp@polstra.uucp
Polstra & Co., Inc. practic!polstra!
Seattle, Washington USA ...{uunet,sun,pyramid}!practic!polstra!jdp
(206) 932-6482

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