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From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra)
Subject: Kegging and Haze
Date: 1990-05-16 16:01:43 GMT

In HBD #417, (Florian Bell) was asking
whether people have found that the haze is greater in kegged beer than
in bottles. In general (my experience only) I would say no. I usually
put the keg into the refrigerator as soon as it's had time to carbonate
- -- as early as a week after priming. I believe that the quick cooling
helps the haze to fall out fairly fast. Once it's on the bottom, I can
blow it out of the keg by drawing off a mug or two of beer at relatively
high pressure.

I made one keg batch that I did *not* refrigerate, and it stayed hazy a
lot longer.

I (almost) always use gelatine finings when I keg, and that seems to
help a lot with clarity. I add them at the same time I prime.

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