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From: Enders <>
Subject: Exploding Wyeast pkgs., Defusing Time Bombs :-)
Date: 1990-05-17 16:20:38 GMT

The last time I started a Wyeast package, I only left it overnight, and
the package was quite highly presurized 12 hrs. later. Unfortunately, I
wasn't ready to pitch yet.

This left me with something of a time bomb on my hands. I didn't want
to refrigerate the package, lest I temperature shock the yeasties. Neither
did I want to leave it untouched, lest it go boom, and spray yeasties all over
the kitchen. Sooooooooo, I cleaned off the package, sterilized the outside
with bleach solution, heated a needle (to sterlize same), and poked a small
vent hole in one corner of the package. I set the package upright into a
pint widemouth jar, and relaxed, etc.

The package was still softly hissing when I was ready to pitch, so no
airborne contamination worries. Note that I was going to use the yeast the
same day. I also agree with those who say the Wyeast recomended starting times
are overly pessimistic. It probably shouldn't take more than a day or two to
get the yeast up and running, especially if you keep the activated package
in a reasonably warm place (I like to keep mine in the kitchen when I'm boiling
or mashing, of course any warm spot of 85-90F will fire up the yeasties).

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