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From: Bryan Hilterbrand <>
Subject: Liquid yeast
Date: 1989-01-31 01:29:39 GMT

Well, I finally attempted my first batch of homebrew last weekend, and
everything seems to be okay so far (in spite of my mistakes ;-). I
pretty much followed Papazian's beginner method, but I modified it
slightly because I used an unhopped malt and had to do the hopping myself.
(I also got a couple bottles of Bridgport Winter Brew from the brewery,
since I didn't have my own homebrew to pay tribute too. 8-)

I have a question about yeast... The homebrew store I went to
(Steinbart's in Portland, Ore.) recommended that I use liquid yeast to
cut down the chances of bad cultures. They sold me a package of British
style yeast which had instructions to break a nutrient packet sealed
inside the yeast package and this would start the yeast culture. At the
top of the instructions, they said that the packet would require one to
five days before the culture would be ready to pitch, and they went on
to say that it would take one day plus one day per month since the date
shown on the package (it showed Jan. 3, 1989). Later in the instruc-
tions, they said to wait until the package had expanded to at least one
inch thick, sanitize the outside of the package, then pitch the yeast.

What happened is this: at about 1:00pm I broke the nutrient packet, and
I started boiling the wort, etc. at about the same time figuring that I
would let the stuff in the carboy cool down overnight before I pitched
the yeast (the package said at least one day to culture the yeast...).
About 11:00pm that night, I went into the kitchen, and the yeast package
was ballooned to about two inches thick. I was afraid if I let it sit
there overnight that it would blow up, so I pitched the yeast right
then. The carboy was cool to my touch (cool enough to pitch the yeast),
so I figured the worst that could happen is that it would take a little
longer for the fermentation to start.

Did I do the right thing? Should I have let the yeast sit overnight, or
would it have made a mess all over my counter? Any other do's and
don'ts about using liquid yeast?


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