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Subject: Kudos and a last note on homebrew for the unwashed...
Date: 1990-05-17 16:22:11 GMT

I've been hanging around this net for about a month, and I think it's
time I said "Thanks" to Rob Gardner for keeping this thing going. Nice
job! (insert E-mail convention for cheers and confetti) Post a mailing
address and I'll send ya a brewski.

Re a homebrew for mass consumption, I've had a revision to my
earlier posting to Todd Enders. I uncapped the first of my smoked
beer yesterday, and I think it might be a good one to try on the Bud
crowd. It's not too far from the mainstream in terms of color and
bitterness, but it's definitely different from anything you could pick
up at the 7-11 or other convenience store of choice.

I followed the recipe for rauchbier in Joy of Homebrewing with a few
modifications. I lightened it up a bit (in deference to what I'm told
will be 100+ temperatures coming soon), and switched some hops
from boiling to finish, just cause I like more finishing hops. With the
deletion of the darker grain adjuncts, this became a real simple all-
extract recipe. This is from memory, since I don't have any notes here at the cube:

7 lb. light extract (I used bulk)
2 - 3 gallons water
1 1/2 tsp. liquid smoke (now that I know I like this stuff, I'll try
smoking grain on the BBQ soon)
1 1/2 oz. Tettnanger boiling hops
1 oz. Tettenanger finishing hops
1/2 tsp. Irish Moss
2 pkg. the dreaded Red Star lager yeast

Boil it up for 45 min. 5 more min. with moss, 2-3 min with finishing

Strain into primary with cold water in the bottom, and pitch the
yeast (rehydrated in 95 degree water) As Pete Soper pointed out, I
must be pitching into 120 degree wort with this technique, not the
95-100 degree I thought I was. However, it took off in 12 hours. 3
days in the primary, rack to secondary, 3-4 weeks in the secondary,
2 weeks in the bottle, and down my throat.

It's basically a nice light beer, but with a definite smoke aftertaste.
Like I said, mainstream, but with a non-commercial twist.

Ken Weiss

PS - I meant to say boil in about 2-3 gallons water, and after straining
add enough to bring total volume up to 5 gallons of beer.

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