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From: hplms2!mage!lou
Subject: AHA offices
Date: 1990-05-21 19:11:29 GMT

In HBD #420 Cher writes:

>.... Since I hope to be in Denver/Boulder
>again this November, I also hope to go to the AHA offices. Does anybody know
>if you can purchase stuff (like books, T-shirts) direct, on site? I might as
>well save on the shipping and handling costs if I can.

Last Friday afternoon the AHA had "Open House" with mediocre munchies but lots
of great homebrew. I didn't ask about buying anything, but I noticed several
T-shirts displayed for sale. I assume that the rest of the stuff from "The
Beer Lovers Store" is available. Besides, they're nice folks - I'm sure they
would be willing to sell you that stuff if you explained that you came all the
way from Florida just to see them and give them a beer.

The only possible problem I can see is (since you said you will be here in
November, I assume you're coming for the Great American Beer Festival, November
2&3) that they may be swamped with festival work and won't have much time to
talk to you.

If you send me a note closer to the time of your trip I may be able to get
better information for you.

Louis Clark
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