From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: bittering hops
Date: 1989-01-31 19:37:18 GMT

Is it true that flavor and aroma come only from hops added in the last
few minutes of a boil and steeping andr dry hopping? Is it true that
one hop type added for a LONG boil is going to add just the same
thing as another hop - namely isomerized alpha acid? Yes, there are
all those evil hop oils that we want to blow away or rack away from,
but having blown or racked they've been left behind and so are not
part of what I'm asking about, right?

What I'm getting at is whether it makes any sense to use one hop over
another for the START of a LONG minute boil. Why don't I just buy
the most bitter hop I can find for this and be done with it?

Just to be absolutely clear, I'm asking about hops that are going
to be boiled for 90 minutes or more.

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