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From: John F Stoffel <>
Subject: Filtering my Brew
Date: 1989-01-31 17:49:16 GMT

After drinking our first experimentaion in Home Brew (which came out
Damm good in our estimentation), my frineds and I have come to the
conclusion that filtering the beer just before we bottle it would do
wonders. We came to this conclusion after drinking beer that had been
shaken up in transit to a party and beer that had settled out and been
pured carefully. What a difference drinking the yeast made! Without
the yeast, the brew was nice and crisp and dry and great! But with
the yeast in suspension it tasted ok, but it got steadily worse as you
drank it. About on the same level as Busch or Budweisser. So it
seems filtering is the way to go, but after further thought, I have a
few questions about doing this.

One, will filtering reduce the amount of fermetation that
takes place in the bottle? Does filtering have a signifigant impact
on the beer itself? Or is having all the yeast settled on the bottom
part of the joys of homebrew? How many of you out there filter YOUR

Also, what is the address of this National brew competition?
And what are the requirements to enter?

Thanks for all your help on this, and I hope you'll all bear
with me as I ask even MORE questions. Good luck to all those
submitting beer this year to the national competition!

Boy... what we have here is a failure to communicate!
- Warden of "Cool Hand Luke"
John Stoffel
BITNET John@wpi.bitnet

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