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Subject: Several questions
Date: 1990-05-23 17:45:00 GMT

Hi, All!

Well, my test gallon of framboise is in the bottle, and even though it isn't
ready to drink, I have some questions.

For the first time, I have a cloudy brew. I attribute this to the nature of
the beast; I was very careful about avoiding letting the fruit pectins set.
There doesn't seem to be any sign of contamination from unsterile fruit puree.
So, in going to a 5 gallon batch, I'll need a clarifier. What would be best
in this instance? Irish Moss? Finings? Suggestions for use, also, please.

Next question: I may very well want to switch to wheat malt from barley malt
for the big batch. I've not yet worked with wheat malt. Do the two equate in
measure? In other words, if I was thinking of using 6 lbs of barley malt, do
I _de facto_ want 6 lbs of wheat malt?

If I decide I want to sweeten with dextrose, how much might be good in this
instance? My reasoning is that fruit beers such as framboise tend to the
sweet side, and a little bit of sweetening might actually bring out the fruit.
So, I might want less than might be usual. Suggestions, please?

Thank you!

Yours in Carbonation,


"God save you from a bad neighbor and from a beginner on the fiddle." --
Italian proverb

Gainesville, FL

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