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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts)
Subject: Stuck Fermentation?
Date: 1990-05-24 16:02:52 GMT

> "Gak & Gerry's Batch #3" is in the fermenter now. We brewed it on
> Sunday and pitched two packets of Red Star Ale Yeast. It bubbled
> Like Mad on Monday, but it was almost stopped by Tuesday night!
> Is this your basic "Stuck Fermentation"? What can be done about it?

Unfortunately, you did the damage by using Red Star. It is generally
recognized to be one of the lower-quality dry yeasts around: it is not
attenuative, and it often generates an unpleasant variety of
off-flavors & aromas.

If you wish to use a dry yeast, use one of the better ones. Whitbread,
IMHO, is the best of the dry yeasts.

- --Doug

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