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From: hplabs!!ihlpl!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 708 979 8583)
Subject: Wheat malt and dry hopping
Date: 1990-05-24 16:52:13 GMT

No, you cannot use all wheat malt, because wheat malt has no
enzymes (or at least not the right ones) to convert the starch
to sugar. What you need to do is use some wheat malt and some
barley malt in your mash. Edme DMS malt extract has the proper
enzymes if you want to go that route. Otherwise, when it comes
to mashing barley and wheat together, even very few wheat beers,
(or weiss (white), or weizten (wheat)), contain more than 40%
wheat malt, the rest being barley malt. Note that if you wish
to try this without mashing, Ireks and a few other companies
make a wheat malt extract. You can use that "straight up,"
but I don't know the difference in percentage of fermentables,
so I cannot actually answer your initial question.

Dry hopping affects beer similarly to the hops added in the last
5 minutes of the boil (finishing hops), namely, to add aroma and
hop flavor. As we know, flavors and aromas are fleeting things
and any amount of boil drives off some of the aromatics and
subtle flavors. Therefore, dry hopping (adding hops, ususally
leaves, to the wort in the fermenter, for those new to dry hopping)
provides more hop bouquet and flavor than just adding finishing
hops at the end of the boil.


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