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From: hplabs!gatech!!bunker!clunker!rvd (Robert Del Favero Jr.)
Subject: RE: stuck fermentation
Date: 1990-05-25 13:07:28 GMT

Before I went around badmouthing Red Star yeast, I'd take a hydrometer
reading. It's not unheard of for a primary fermentation to be essentially
finished in a day or two -- in fact, the someone asked about the same
thing on the Net a few months ago. Turned out that when they tried
a hydrometer reading they found that their fermentation had stopped for
lack of fermentables in the wort ;-)

If your hydrometer reading isn't close to the final gravity in your
recipe, then your fermentation is probably stuck, and you should follow
the standard unsticking procedures. If the gravity reading is close to
the FG in your recipe, it's time to rack into the secondary.

I need to say something in response to the fellow who suggested that
using Red Star yeast was the cause of your problem. In my experience,
Red Star isn't great yeast, but it does do the job, and I have one
recipe where I prefer the taste with Red Star over the taste with
Whitbread's. There are lots of things you can do to affect the quality
of the finished product, and some (like sanitation) are (in my
experience) much more important than others. If you start Red Star in
a starter wort a day or two before you brew, you should get acceptable

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