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From: Ed Sieja <ems!ems@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Wyeast bursting
Date: 1990-05-28 13:13:15 GMT

I recently had a problem with a packet of Wyeast bursting. But my
problem was that it bursted when I was breaking the inner seal to
initiate the packet. I placed it on the counter and applied the
usual pressure with the base of my palm and *BLAM* the thing just
exploded - sending yeast and wort on the counter and floor. I did
contact the shop that I had purchased the Wyeast from and did get
a replacement. The proprietor informed me that there have been
quite a few problems with the new larger packets and that many have
burst in the above mentioned manner. All since going to the new
larger envelopes. Most all have broken at the "fill point". I did
send the defective packet back to be analyzed. I was using the
Wyeast wheat but it does not seem to be limited to any one strain.

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