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From: (John Mellby)
Subject: Incidents in two Brewpubs
Date: 1990-05-29 18:16:23 GMT

You know how two people can do exactly the same thing and have two different
experiences? And one of those people always has very good experiences
while the other doesn't? Well...Roy and I were simultaneously on business
trips, he to Maryland and I to San Jose (trip report on brewpubs forthcoming).

We would both talk into a brewpub, and since we were on business, we were
both wearing suits.

Roy, for example, walked into Saisson's in Baltimore. He sat at the bar,
ordered sampler sizes of all their beers. He then took out a pocket flash
and started to examine their clarity. Before you could say "Original Gravity"
he had the manager at his side, who proceeded to explain all about their
brewpub, brewing techniques, etc. and they had a marvelous talk.

I, on the other hand, walked into Bison Brewing in Berkeley. They had
no sampler trays, and only two of their own beers, so I got the Honey-Basil
Ale and the Double Bock. When asked what the ingredients were, the
bartended pointed to a sign on the wall. After deciphering the blue on
grey print I find that the Honey-Basil Ale contains honey and basil, and
the bock contains malt and hops. Now while Roy is being feted by the
manager of Saissons, I hear a voice saying "Are you a writer?"
Looking to my right I see two casually dressed (this was a campus area)
men of middle-eastern extraction. The name "Salmon-Rushdie" flashes
in my brain, and I quickly exclaim "No, NO! I'm not a writer, I'm
just an accountant, doing my bills."

There's just no justice.

Surviving the American Dream
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