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Subject: Re: Filtering my Brew
Date: 1989-02-01 16:07:34 GMT

From: Pete Soper <>
> Is it true that flavor and aroma come only from hops added in the last
> few minutes of a boil and steeping andr dry hopping? Is it true that
> one hop type added for a LONG boil is going to add just the same
> thing as another hop - namely isomerized alpha acid? Yes, there are
> all those evil hop oils that we want to blow away or rack away from,
> but having blown or racked they've been left behind and so are not
> part of what I'm asking about, right?
> What I'm getting at is whether it makes any sense to use one hop over
> another for the START of a LONG minute boil. Why don't I just buy
> the most bitter hop I can find for this and be done with it?
> Just to be absolutely clear, I'm asking about hops that are going
> to be boiled for 90 minutes or more.

I don't believe this is true. Yes, the isomerized alpha acid is the *main*
result of a long boil, but the boil hops affect flavor as well. They
don't seem to affect aroma. Your conclusions are valid for bitter, dark
beers. But I used nothing but Saaz in my Pilsner. Experiments with
Eroica (a high alpha acid variety) were unsatisfactory.

- Len Reed

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