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Date: 1990-05-30 12:15:00 GMT

From HOMEBREW Digest, Wed 30 May 1990:
> Question #2: This fungus doesn't "hurt" the beer, but it hurts my
> perception of it, which is important. Does anybody have any
> experience with all-kitchen sanitation?

Sorry I can't help with any of the other questions, but this one is relatively
easy to handle. Simple kitchen sterilization involves detergent, some elbow
grease, and water OVER 140 degrees F. When anything is kept in water this hot
for a few minutes, nothing except certain bugs found in deep sea vents can
survive, even the dreaded Giardia, or Montezuma's Revenge. This method has
worked well in my laboratories at the college, and I have used it at home for
years and avoided several nasties. Hope this helps. Be careful and don't scald

By the way, we have an interesting thing on our VAX here called Notes
Conference. Insted of getting all the Digests through raw bitnet, it comes in
to one spot and then send to a "notebook" where signups like myself can access
it, extract it, and reply. Is anyone else using VMS utilities, or is everyone

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