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Subject: Doric Ale Yeast
Date: 1990-05-30 20:29:00 GMT

About Doric ale yeast: Just last night, I checked the 1989 special issue
of Zymurgy, and remeber reading that Doric had one of the highest initial
viable yeast concentrations, and one of the lowest contamination levels.
In the taste test, Doric was given a grade of 4 (out of 10) by their panel
of experts, and was rated "average". Bare in mind, though, that these
tests weren't really representative of an average of any brand, since they
made no attempt to reproduce their results over a period of time. (It's
well known that samples of yeast from any given manufacturer vary
substantially over time.)

My partner and I have used this brand a few times, with good results.
Doric ale yeast is definitely a fast starting yeast. Our uneducated
palates never detected any off flavors.

Beer's to yeast,
Chuck Coronella

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