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From: Martin A. Lodahl <hplabs!pbmoss!mal>
Subject: Doric Ale Yeast
Date: 1990-05-30 16:12:23 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #428, Cher Feinstein asked:
> ... y'all have got
> me convinced that Red Star yeast is a Bad Thing ...
> ... will anyone comment on Doric, which is the other
>brand of dry yeast I happen to have on hand?

This is based on an inadequate sample: one batch. It was, however,
a rather good batch! I'd used pretty much the same (porter) recipe
with Red Star, and used it again later with Edme. The Doric version
(different only in hopping from the Red Star batch) had a mild,
sweet flavor, with no obvious faults. The Edme batch was slightly
different, in that I'd added 8 oz of wheat malt, and was MUCH drier
in flavor, also with no obvious faults.

The Doric batch scared me a bit by starting fermentation VERY
slowly, and never seeming to do much. It formed a thin layer of
anemic-looking foam atop the wort, and bubbled very slowly. I
suspect one reason for Red Star's lingering popularity is that it
really gets with the program; very reassuring to the brewer. In the
final analysis, I didn't use Doric again because I was worried about
an infection developing during that long lag time, and because I was
looking for more attenuation than it delivered.

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