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From: Giles Lean <>
Subject: Re: Low Alcohol Homebrews
Date: 1990-05-31 09:14:50 GMT

Norm Hardy writes:

> Is there something WRONG with beer that has less than .5% alcohol? Does
> alcohol have to be a major part of the equation?

> Question: would homebrewers like to try a brewing system that allowed them
> to make excellent beers with a lower final alcohol level?

Certainly! There are times when more light beer is better than less
heavy beer. (Insert your favourite instance -- drink driving laws and
abstemious friends are likely candidates!)

Brewing a light beer rather than buying is attractive (if a homebrewer
needs more motivation :-) since the all the Australian low alcohol
beers I've tried have been uniformly awful. Admittedly all from large
brewers -- they are the only ones that make the low alcohol beers.
(And, ok, their full strength products are not too great either, in
all but one case!)

Interestingly, they share the same characteristics: less flavour than
full strength beers, and an off taint that I cannot identify but which
allows the easy identification of light beers.

Anyone with information or ideas?

Giles Lean
Hewlett Packard Australian Software Operation, Melbourne.
Australia: giles@aso.hp.oz (03) 871 1647
Internet: +61 3 871 1647

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