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From: Giles Lean <>
Subject: Re: "Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy"
Date: 1990-05-31 09:32:49 GMT

John Polstra writes:
> The problem is that it is an English book, and the recipes call for all
> sorts of strange ingredients that just aren't readily available here in
> the USA. (E.g., invert sugar, barley syrup, brewers caramel, demerara
> sugar, black treacle ...) Also, many of the recipes call for "brown
> sugar", which is not the same here as it is in England.

The problem is often not what isn't available, but that you don't know
what it really is. Americans name things so strangely. :-)

rec.gourmand (or whatever name it had before its demise) coped with
international recipies, and the only ingredient I remember that had no
alternate name or substiute was Australian Golden Syrup! (Hard to
describe -- made (mostly or entirely) from cane sugar, with a
treacle-like consistency, and quite a strong flavour.)

Try asking the net -- anyone in England reading?

Giles Lean
Hewlett Packard Australian Software Operation, Melbourne.
Australia: giles@aso.hp.oz (03) 871 1647
Internet: +61 3 871 1647

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