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From: (John Mellby)
Subject: What are "ruby Nebs" and what is "Bahl" - Anderson Valley Boont Amber
Date: 1990-05-31 17:52:52 GMT

From: NGSTL1::JMELLBY "John Mellby" 31-MAY-1990 12:50:41.79
Subj: Ale tasting last Saturday

The Offical Mellby Beer-Tastings, year 3.

This is the Nineteenth such tasting stretching back over two years.

Ales (CA and UK)
- ---- ---------
5/26/90 We were afraid the British ales would be too old, which wasn't the
case. Some nice ales here!
JRM Tom Roy Tim Tot Ave
Kit Fox Amber 39 37 43 40 159 39.8
Regimental Dinner Ale 41 40 40 37 158 39.5
Sarum Special Pale Ale 33 31 33 34 131 32.8
Red Seal Ale 39 37 39 37 152 38.0
St. Martins Pale Ale 35 36 38 34 143 35.8
Sauel Middletons Ale 27 25 30 27 109 27.3
Anderson Valley Boont Amber 37 39 39 38 153 38.3
New Amsterdam Ale 41 35 40 41 157 39.3

Kit Fox Amber Ale, San Andreas Brewing, Hollister, CA.
Strong Diacetyl aroma with some hops and a little malt. It tasted like
natural carbonation (relatively thin with small bubbles). A very
nice authentic ale.

Regimental Dinner Ale, Cantebury Brewing Co., UK
A complex strong ale. The aroma has strong alcohol tones. The taste is
complex and may be a little stale. Strong malt/hops in the taste.
The aftertaste is astringent/hoppy/alcohol.

Sarum Special Pale Ale, Gibbs Mews, Salisbury, UK
Another strong ale, only a little old. Diacetyl, alcohol, and hops in the
aroma. Cloudy and loses points on appearance. The flavor is a little
old, especially a little metallic, astringent aftertaste.

Red Seal Ale, Ruedrich's, North Coast Brewing Co., Ft. Bragg, CA (It also
says Mendocino, "Since 1987"). Great hop aroma (cascade?)! A very
pretty appearance. It is light on the malt and slightly astringent in
the aftertaste.

St. Martin's Pale Ale, John Martin, Antwerp. (Brewed in Antwerp for the UK?)
This is almost a barley wine. Strong alcohol, hops, malt in the
aroma. A very pretty beer, with a white head! The taste is strongly
alcoholic, with a faint sour/Belgian accent. The aftertaste was flat
hinting that this is a little old.

Samuel Middleton's Ale; Wild Goose Brewing, Cambridge, Maryland.
Not much aroma except a little hops. Beautiful color with a rocky head.
The flavor was distinctly bad. Either DMS or diacetyl gone bad. Oxidized.
Maybe phenolic. Alcoholic, astringent, medicinal.

Boont Amber Ale, Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville, Mendocino Co., CA
On the label is says: "Our pristine 'ruby nebs' makes Boont Amber extra Bahl".
What the heck are "ruby nebs" and what is Bahl?

New Amsterdam Ale, Utica, NY
Diacetyl in the aroma. Very clear ale. Slightly dry aftertaste, but
very nice.
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