From the HBD Archive
From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Duplicate Digests
Date: 1989-02-01 17:33:38 GMT

I am aware of the problem some people have been having concering
duplicates. If you have been receiving duplicates of the homebrew
digest, please answer the following questions to help me figure
out the problem:

1. Do you *always* get duplicates, or just sometimes?
2. Are the duplicates complete digests, or is one of them truncated?
(The last line should say something like "End of Homebrew Digest".)
3. What machine appears to be doing the duplicating? Most headers
I have seen so far point to hp-sde ( If you can't
tell, send me headers.

Please do not reply to "homebrew" - send all your info to homebrew-request.

Also, once you have told me you are having the problem, please do not
send mail saying that you're still having the problem, since the
volume of complaints is getting rather high. Do let me know if there
is some change, ie, you stop getting duplicates, or you start getting
7 of them, etc.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience of getting two copies
of the digest, but it's better than none, right? Please bear with the
problem for now, just delete the extra copy, and hopefully we'll have
it fixed soon.


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