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From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Yeast, Competition
Date: 1989-02-01 21:16:00 GMT

> From: Bryan Hilterbrand <>

> About 11:00pm that night, I went into the kitchen, and the yeast package
> was ballooned to about two inches thick. I was afraid if I let it sit
> there overnight that it would blow up, so I pitched the yeast right
> then. The carboy was cool to my touch (cool enough to pitch the yeast),
> so I figured the worst that could happen is that it would take a little
> longer for the fermentation to start.

> Did I do the right thing? Should I have let the yeast sit overnight, or
> would it have made a mess all over my counter? Any other do's and
> don'ts about using liquid yeast?

You did the right thing. Some hints:

1. Start the yeast much further in advance. Yes, it will probably start
in a few hours, but if it happens to take 2 days, then your cool wort
is in grave danger. If the package has expanded before you are ready
to brew, you can refridgerate it, or see #2...

2. Culture the liquid yeast to a higher volume before pitching it. I have
found that the amount of yeast in those little packets is minimal, so I
pitch it into a gallon jug with some sterile starter solution, and let
that grow for a few days. When I have pitched the foil pouches directly,
there was an alarming delay before signs of fermentation were visible.
Pitching a large starter has reduced that "lag phase" quite a bit.

> From: Jeff Miller <>

> Rob, you were talking about the AHA competition and I was wondering how
> one goes about getting entered in it. Do you have to actually go there?
> I know that the US Mail and UPS people don't like shipping alcohol so I
> assume you can't really mail it there. Anyway, I would sure like to have
> my beer judged on a national scale rather then just the local county fair
> so I would appreciate any information anyone might have about getting
> entered.

The Spring (or thereabouts) issue of Zymurgy usually has complete
instructions, rules, categories, etc. for entering the national
competition. Yes, you can ship your homebrew entries to them! They
tell you how to do this- basically you have to wrap them a certain way,
etc. What, you say you don't get Zymurgy, and you're not an AHA member?
Well...immediately send $21 to:
American Homebrewers Association
PO Box 287
Boulder, CO 80306
Or call 303-447-0816 and charge it.

> From: John F Stoffel <>
> Also, what is the address of this National brew competition?

Well, you usually have to get your beer to the AHA headquarters in Boulder,
but this year I'm not sure what's going to happen. The Great American
Beer Festival etc will be in Kentucky this year for some arcane reason (:-)
so the competition might be also, though I hope not. (I wouldn't want to
have to mail in *my* competition entries! ;-)

> And what are the requirements to enter?

In a nutshell:

For each brew you want to enter, you send in $6 (more for non-members)
along with 3 bottles of your brew. The bottles must be standard 12oz
bottles, with no labels or other identification marks on them. You
also send in the recipe used, the name of the brew, and what category
it is being entered in. After the competition, you'll receive your
score sheets within several weeks.


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